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Learn more about working at HSBC Assurances Vie (France) and explore our current vacancies.

Take your next step with us

Whether you're an experienced professional, looking for your first job or interested in one of our student and graduate programmes, we provide many ways to develop your skills and fulfil your career ambitions. 

Benefits of working with us

Range of opportunities

Choose from roles in wealth management, pensions and loan insurance, as well as in operating and support functions (eg finance, compliance, legal and communications).

Work-life balance

Take care of your work-life balance with our comprehensive and competitive benefits such as remote working and flexible hours.

Financial benefits

Enjoy peace of mind with our employee programmes, designed to protect your financial security and those of any beneficiaries, such as health insurance, PEE and PERCO.

Search our vacancies

HSBC Assurances Vie (France) offers a wide range of attractive roles to suit you at every stage of your career. Find out more about our job opportunities.

More reasons to join us

Tailored development

We can develop your skills through structured face-to-face learning programmes, online training and on-the-job experience that correspond to your aspirations and business goals.


We have a policy of promoting diversity and inclusion, based on 4 key areas:

  • cultural diversity
  • gender diversity
  • disability
  • sexual orientation

It supports initiatives and knowledge-sharing around these issues in order to raise awareness among all our employees.


HSBC supports community projects, particularly those focusing on education and the environment. We encourage our employees to get involved in these and other activities.

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