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Find out about our experienced and varied board of directors and executive committee.

Board of directors and general management

The Board of Directors determines the course of the company’s operations and ensures they are carried out properly. Regarding governance system oversight and risk supervision, it reviews governance arrangements and approves strategies and policies governing risk-taking, management, monitoring and mitigation.

It deliberates on all matters falling under its legal and regulatory obligations, as well as those pertaining to statutory provisions.


Eric Emoré: Chairman of the Board

Jean Beunardeau: Vice Chairman

Andrew Wild: Vice Chairman

Laurence Bogni Bartholmé: Director

Isabelle Bourcier: Director

Philippe Diers: Director

Matthieu Kiss: Director

Florence Picard: Director

Laurence Rogier: Director

Thomas Vandeville: Director

General management:

Laurence Rogier: Executive Director

Virginie Bayle Beausir: Deputy Executive Director

Executive committee

Laurence Rogier

Chief Executive Officer[@senior-manager-title]

Virginie Bayle Beausir

Head of Product & Distribution, Deputy Chief Executive Officer[@senior-manager-title]

Olfa Aidoudi

Head of Internal Audit[@solvency-regs]

Frédéric Chatelain

Head of Insurance Operations

Lhoussaine Eddasser

Head of GRAAL (Asset and Liability Management)

Sylvia Franceschet

Head of Customer Experience

Anthony Guerrier

Chief Financial Officer

Florence Hazard

Head of Compliance[@solvency-regs]

Jean Paul Hum

Human Resources Business Partner

Philippe Lebatteux

Chief of Actuary[@solvency-regs]

Michel-André Levy

Chief Risk Officer[@solvency-regs]

Laurent De Monneron

Chief Administrative & Control Officer

Pauline Nedelec

Head of Legal & Tax

Stéphanie Pleynet Jesus

Head of Strategy & Sustainability

Stéphanie Sonolet

Chief Operating Officer

Céline Boué

Chief Investment Officer

Corporate governance code

HSBC Assurances Vie (France) is a life insurance company whose principal purpose is life insurance operations as well as all operations of capitalisation.

As such, it's a limited company under French law, governed by the French Insurance Code and subject to the supervision of the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR).

Its governance framework complies with the requirements set out in Pillar II of the Solvency II regulations, which covers both qualitative requirements - primarily governance and risk management rules - and 'Own Risk and Solvency Assessment' (ORSA).

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