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Terminate your insurance policy

Find out the simplest way to terminate your insurance policy.

Different ways to terminate your policy

You can terminate your insurance policy online in the way stated in your information notice, or in accordance with the French Insurance Code. How to terminate your policy depends on which insurance policy you have.

Credit protection insurance

HSBC Solution Emprunteur (HSE) and HSBC Garanties Emprunteur (HGE) policies

Terminate these policies by clicking the link and following the instructions on screen. The link will take you to Kereis who manage the contracts for HSBC Assurances Vie (France).

Assurance de prêt

This refers to contrat d’assurance collective (numbers: 001/900/29, 001/900/30 et 001/900/31) policies. Note, you've an assurance de prêt (group contract) when your insurance contributions are collected at the same time as your loan instalments.

To terminate your group contract online:

  1. Download and complete the form for each of your termination requests.
  2. Prepare the supporting documents requested in the form according to the reason for terminating your contract.
  3. Send the completed form and the corresponding supporting documents via your CCF online bank's secure messaging.

Term life insurance

Terminate online

Terminate your term life policies[@term-life-policies-cancellation] by clicking the link and following the instructions on screen. The link will take you to Kereis who manage the contracts for HSBC Assurances Vie (France).

Terminate by post

Send your term life termination instructions by post to: Kereis France, CS 20008, 44967 Nantes, Cedex 9. 

Make sure you include your name, address and policy number with your instructions.

Savings life insurance

Surrender your policy

You can surrender your policy any time after the renunciation period.

If you have an advisor:

If you're attached to a bank relationship manager or a financial advisor, contact them directly to surrender your life insurance policy.

If you do not have an advisor:

If you're not attached to a bank relationship manager or a financial advisor, phone us on: +33 1 41 91 80 70 (only for customers without an advisor). Calls are charged at local rates from a landline.

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